Global Warming…

It’s going to snow tomorrow.  1-3 inches.  I live in Texas!  It’s February, and generally by this time, its starting to warm up, but nope, not this year, it’s still freezing cold – aren’t the scientist warning us about global warming?  It’s not nearly warm enough for me.

I often kid about how I’m ready for global warming to kick in, how I’m tired of being cold, and I’m ready to break out a T-shirt.  It’s been brought to my attention that I shouldn’t kid so, that it might confuse people, and they’re right.  Global Warming is really a misnomer.  Sure, the globe is warming, but that creates new and strange weather patterns that just might mean that it won’t be warmer where you are, when you think it should be.  Global Weirding is what I’ve heard some people call it, but this just doesn’t have the pizazz that Global Warming does; it doesn’t roll off the tongue nearly as well.  I am proposing, that through the comments section, we work to coin a knew, appropriate term to describe the phenomenon in an accurate way, both denotatively and connotatively.  I will post the 4 best, and hold a vote.  While the winner won’t receive a prize, I will do my best to slip the word into our collective vocabulary, usurping the Global Warming king.

*I typed this post Wednesday night.  I discovered this article from Time on Yahoo this morning.  I wonder if Bryan Walsh reads my blog…..


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  1. the increasingly changing, and unmeasurable deterioration of the earth’s atmosphere due to our mis-use and mismanagement of our resources.

    I know it’s not a short simple term but it does describe how fucked we’ll be in a decade or two

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