So Fresh and So Clean Clean…

While trying to figure out what to write about today, I thought I might as well write about how I will be spending my time, and discuss its effects on our environment and pocket book.  Every Wednesday I drive out to my mother’s to clean her house.  Since I’ve been laid off, she has employed me once a week to keep her place tidy and help with whatever she needs.  I pick up here and there, but spend most of my energy in the kitchen.  Anyone who cooks knows kitchens can get greasy, grimy, and just plain yucky; cleaners are often needed, and I’ve tried a few.

Growing up, I used 409 or Mean Green.  Both work remarkably well, but that Mean Green has a mean smell, and both are made from unfriendly chemicals.  409 contains chemicals used in dry cleaning, Mean Green it turns out is

“a unique blend of non-toxic, biodegradable detergents that form a powerful, non-flammable, extra heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser.

I couldn’t find the actual ingredients though, so I don’t know how friendly those “non-toxic” chemicals are, but the EPA and USDA approve!  Still smells terrible.

Once I started cleaning my mother’s house, I began using Seventh Generation.  I like it.  It works well, and smells nice.  Seventh Generation was created as an eco-friendly alternative to the cleaners used during household spring cleanings.  They use mostly citric acid and botanical oils.

When I ran out of spray-cleaner several months ago, I meant to replace it with what I had been using at my mother’s.  I got confused in the Walmart aisle, and grabbed Clorox Greenworks, orange flavored.  I don’t like it.  It smells funny, doesn’t work well, and leaves a stickiness on the counters.  My mother recently bought the green colored Greenworks, and though it smells better, it’s still sticky and unreliable.  I can’t wait for my bottle to run out.

What will I replace it with?  I’m leaning towards a vinegar and water solution.  I know that water works to clean kitchens, as long as you include a bit of elbow grease, its all I used while in college because I was to poor, and lazy, to get spray cleaner.  Vinegar lifts stains, cuts grease, and is completely natural.  It does fall short in the smell category, though.


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