I think a lot.  I over analyze everything.  I write a blog about being green.  Its only natural that I start analyzing environmentalism, its effect on society, and if its happened before.  It has, many many times.

When the machine age first began, small parlor groups got together to fight it.  From 1880 to 1910, William Morris and others preached against the “soulessness of the machine” creating the Arts and Crafts movement, and style.  Around the same time, the world’s first national park – Yellowstone – was created in response to destruction American’s were creating in their move out west.  Eventually, the machines won out, and people went back to their destructive ways.

In the 1970s, environmentalism had made a comeback, no doubt due to the oil and gas crisis.  Congress created Earthday to try to get people on board.  We were all too busy.

In the 80s, there was a timid comeback targeting the children, after all, we are the world.  Earthday was celebrated in schools, Captain Planet, a cartoon about a polution stopping superhero, was on the T.V.   It was eventually canceled, and again we went back to our ways.

Now we are at it again; trying to save the planet and throwing everything we have behind it.  Being Green has become very trendy.  You see it everywhere, its proselytized on television, and even the government has gotten involved.  Right now it seems bigger than just a fad; lets hope it stays that way.


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