I Got Creative…

The Superbowl for me, and my friends, is really all about the food and beer.  I won’t lie; I’m not ashamed.  That said, we didn’t really have teams decided to cheer for.  We didn’t have money riding on anyone, and the outcome wasn’t going to affect us in any way.  But a little competition is fun, so I made everyone choose sides.  I printed team logos onto sticky-back paper, and stuck them on beer glasses.  I only printed enough for my guests, so they had to choose – took whatever was left, and I lost.  The best part was that it was simple and free, and I’m not left with Saints and Colts glasses now that the game is over.  By using what I had on hand, and just a little of my time, I was able to create party-paraphernalia without any waste!  How’s that for Bein’ Green?


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One response to “I Got Creative…

  1. wow! I’ve never thought about that as a solution to the awful clutter of team support….

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