Fun Friday Quickie…Superbowl Edition

I live in America, and I assume most of you do too.  That being the case, you know that Sunday is something akin to a National Holiday; its the Superbowl.  The only televised game in sports to be watched by people who don’t even like the sport that I know of.  Homes across the U.S. will be filled with friends surrounding the TV, munching on food, drinking beer, and creating lots of waste and wreaking havoc on the Planet.  Here are some ideas to curb some of that waste, but keep all the fun!

  1. Make all of the snacks you plan to serve.  Many things are not as hard to make as you might think, and you will save money and waste in the process.  I’m making wings, which takes no more than some chicken wings, canola spray, salt and pepper, an oven, and then butter and Franks hot sauce.  My wings cost me 16 bucks for a total of about 72.  How much will yours cost you?
  2. Don’t make as many snacks as you did last year.  Many people go all out when they serve food at parties, and this causes people to go all out when they eat.  Your friends are not coming over to gorge themselves, they’re coming to spend time with you and watch the Game.  Save yourself some money, time, waste, and your friends by just not making as much.  A main dish (wings) a side (stuffed jalapeños in my case) a dip and a dessert should be PaLenty.
  3. Buy your chips, pretzels, ect in bulk.  Everyone knows its cheaper this way, and if you’re going to need at least two bags of chips to feed the football frenzy, then you might as well save the money and the waste.
  4. Don’t use plates.  Most people use paper plates for their parties because they don’t want to clean up the mess.  Sure, it’s easier to toss it into the can, but just think…that could mean a whole bag of trash for just one night!  Using real dishes would mean you have to wash them, which takes water.  If you simply use your hands, you only need napkins, and could cut your party-trash in half.
  5. Buy a keg.  Yep.  Just think.  If you serve beer at your party, then you have tons of bottles or cans lying around, plus the boxes they came in.  Sure, its all recyclable, but it still takes energy to make all of those individual containers.  Kegs are the equivalent of buying in bulk, and the container gets reused.  It’s the height of beer-drinking environmentalism.  And if you do keg-stands, you won’t need cups!

Merry Superbowl, and Happy Weekend!


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