Monday Morning Muffins….

Actually, I made them for Sunday.  Husband wanted to make Eggs Benedict for Sunday morning’s breakfast; sounds great, but we didn’t have any English muffins.  We’ve tried using bagels before, and while I liked the change, Husband did not,a nd we didn’t have any bagels anyway.  It was cold on Saturday, really, really cold.  I didn’t want to leave the house to buy the muffins. but I didn’t want to disappoint Husband either.  So I looked up a recipe, and found I had all the ingredients on hand, and they didn’t take long to make.

Call it being Green, or call it laziness, either way, I saved money, gas, emissions, waste, the planet, and breakfast!



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2 responses to “Monday Morning Muffins….

  1. caedwin

    care to post the recipe? or at least provide a link?

  2. these look great – nicely done! they appear to be a great alternative to store-bought, where even the most expensive ones look anemic and unappealing. i second caedwin’s request to see the recipe!

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