Fun Friday Quickie

To be honest, I had a rough time coming up with a list to sum up the week’s reuse theme.  I think next time I have a Friday List, I will make it a contest for you.  Here’s what I got…

  1. Composting.  Everyone knows that they can toss their food scraps into a heap, and call it compost.  Thing is, most people don’t ever need compost, but you can still toss your scraps outside.  Use them to fill holes in your yard or under your fence.
  2. Frying oil.  Oil makes a great weedkiller.  I’m not talking about motor oil here, though that would be a weedkiller as well, but I’m talking about kitching grease.  You can’t pour it down the drain cause it clogs pipes, and makes a civil mess, but you can pour it into patio and driveway cracks, or anywhere else you have unwanted growth.  I don’t know that it would qualify you for Organic Farming or anything, but it shouldn’t hurt.  Just don’t pour it where you do want grass; trust me.  I poured a whole pan of hot grease into the yard once, and we had a brown patch for months.  Whoops.
  3. Dryer lint.  Seems there should be something you could do with that, right?  I’m willing to be it’d make great kindling for a fireplace, or anything else you needed to start a fire in.  And if you’re sans fireplace, you could use it for batting in a pillow or nap-mat.
  4. Push-up pops.  Do you remember the Flinstone frozen push-up pops?  They were delicious.  When I was a kid, my dad would refill the Stain Sticks from the laundry room with concentrated Tang.  It seems odd, but I loved it.  They were larger than the Flinstone ones, and had a cap to recover them when you couldn’t finish.  And they weren’t as messy.  I highly recommend this practice; just make sure you thoroughly wash the Stain Stick first.
  5. Holey Socks.  Socks aer very absorbent, but they get holes, and who likes the feeling of a toe sticking through a sock?  Once this happens, don’t toss them, simply cut down one side, and across the toe, and you have an instant rag.  It might be a little odd to dry your dishes with old socks, and I certainly would avoid hanging them in the guest bathroom, but they can be used as dust rags, or shop rags.  They make great shop rags.

Happy weekend!


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  1. caedwin

    dryer lint also makes great nesting material for birds.

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