Trash into Tasty…

My husband doesn’t like the heals on the loaf of bread – and frankly, neither do I, so when we buy the crappy 88 cent loaf at the store, the dried out ends never get eaten.  When I make bread, because it lacks the preservatives that store-bought loaves have, it tends to go stale before its finished.  Before I tried to hide the heals in a grilled cheese by flipping them crust-side in.  He wasn’t fooled.  An easy way to use up the stale homemade bread is to make a tasty bread pudding or French toast – this is, after all, why those dishes were invented, but ones not always up for French toast, even if it is delicious.  So what is a gal to do with all that ruined bread?  Make bread crumbs.  I haven’t bought bread crumbs in several years now.  I just put chunks of the bread into the food processor and let it go.  As long as you let the bread get REALLY REALLY dry, and try not to grind them on a particularly humid day, they won’t get moldy.  The crumbs last forever, taste better than store-bought crumbs, can be ground to whatever consistency you prefer, and are free!  I should note that you cannot make your own Panko crumbs; those are a different process altogether.


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