Making Old New Again.

Son started school two weeks ago.  He’s only 2, so when I say school, I mean just a simple one day a week thing – he loves it. One of the supplies he was required to bring was a nap-pad and blanket.  As I have mentioned before, I’m unemployed, money is tight, and well, I’m just tight too.  I didn’t feel like putting good money down on a plastic foam-filled mat that would be useless once he was older; I just didn’t see the point, but I couldn’t send the poor kid to school without the requisite supplies….I didn’t want to be that mom.  So I made one.  Yep, I pulled out the sewing machine that I got for Christmas – that I really didn’t know how to use – and made him a bed roll, and a blanket.  I didn’t have to spend a penny!  The blanket I made from a pair of Husband’s JUMBO SIZED pajama pants, that really were about 6 sizes too big for him anyway, and the top sheet from a set of sheets where the bottom one had worn through.  The bedroll itself was made from this same top sheet and some batting that a friend happened to have.  I was even slick enough to design in a pillow and ties to keep the roll together when traveling – I used the drawstrings from those awful pants.  Sure, the bedroll is a bit homey, but its functional, free, and heck, it’s already broken in!

Someday, Son will outgrow the pad, and the blanket, but when he does, I won’t feel like I’ve wasted money on something he didn’t use for more than a year or two.  And since I actually made it, it’s no longer just junk.  I have taken two things that no one wanted, and turned them into something not only useful, but loved.  There isn’t a nap or night that goes by that Son doesn’t ask for “Superman,” and that’s an even better feeling than the “I stuck it to the man and showed him I didn’t have to buy his stupid nap pad!”


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