ReUsing to Save Money

I save glass jars.   I used to save glass bottles of a certain type, but that was another time, and I have since grown out of that phase.  No, now I save glass jars to reuse them to hold other things.  I save pickle jars, jelly jars, pepper jars, canning jars, salsa jars, anything glass with a lid.  It started out as a free alternative to Tupperware and the like after I became concerned with BPA and other plastic ills.  Now its become habit,a nd thinking on it, it’s a handy habit.  It’s healthy since they can be washed in the dishwasher, and don’t leach crazy chemicals into my food.  It’s time-saving since I don’t have to walk the jars out to the recycle bin.  It’s free since I didn’t buy the jar, I bought whatever came in the jar.  It’s cost-effective because I can buy in bulk and repackage into the jars, and I’m being green by not throwing them into a landfill.  It’s really a win win.

I use the large pickle jars as cookie jars.  This has been great.  The opening is just big enough to grab one cookie at a time, and they stay fresher longer.  Only once have I had an issue where the cookies took on a dill pickle flavor – not so great.

I use the jelly jars to hold left-overs, sauces, soups, and the juices from canned tomatoes when I’m not using it.  I’ve even used some for vases and pencil/brush holders.

The jar acting as salt-cellar on the far right, that’s a wide-mouthed salsa jar.  I wouldn’t trade it for a real one any day.  The lid screws on tight, so I can travel and not worry about spills.  What, you don’t travel with your salt?

Problem is, I’ve saved too many for my small kitchen to hold.  Guess I’m going to have to start walking them out to the recycle bin.



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2 responses to “ReUsing to Save Money

  1. caedwin

    And as any organized carpenter/mechanic knows, glass jars with lids are a great way to store those last few nails, brads, nuts, bolts, screws that you have leftover after a project. You simply attach the lid of the jar onto the bottom of a shelf and then you screw the now filled jar back onto the lid. You can see your nails/screws/etc. at a glance and you never have to worry about losing the lid that goes on the jar.

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