A favorite thing…

One of my favorite things is simply curtains blowing in the breeze.  There is something so nice and calming about that.  Some perfect.

Last Friday, the weather was so nice – we’re talking 70s -, that I could open the windows, turn off the heater, and just let in the natural air.  There’s something lovely about the way an aired out house smells.  Fresh, simple, and easy; like times gone by.  I’ve discussed the effects of A/C systems before, so I won’t go into that.  Common sense tells you that its cheaper to open the windows, but don’t do it because of the money.  Do it because of how wonderful you will feel letting in the outside.  You will be more connected with your surroundings; get an instant feeling of being part of something, and it is pure heaven.

Just be sure to close them before the mercury falls back to 50 degrees.   Mother Nature is such a tease!


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