Fun Friday Quickie

The easiest way to help the planet to cut back on our trash.  Here is a list of ideas to help with that.

  1. Use a handkerchief.  Its cold and flu season, so  a lot of our trash is filled with tissues.  You can easily eliminate that by reverting to the old ways of handkerchief.  Besides, its romantically nostalgic.  You could also use your shirt sleeves, but its less romantic.
  2. Read your newspapers online.  This would cut out quite a bit of paper waste, not to mention, but not having your morning paper delivered anymore, your paper carrier won’t have to drive to your home, which saves gas, and c02 emissions, ect.  If we all did this, the paper carrier wouldn’t have to drive and emit co2 at all!
  3. Buy from the bulk bins at your supermarket.  Sure, you will have some trash from the bag you have to put it in, but you still save on all the other packaging waste – the box, the bag inside the box, the plastic that wraps the box…
  4. Donate the stuff you don’t want.  You might think no one wants your old stuff, but just because you think its old and passe doesn’t mean someone else does.  Just think of how many people are still playing the original Nintendo.  Besides, its good for your taxes.
  5. If all else fails, get a goat; they eat anything, and it comes out as fertilizer on the other end!  Nature gave us a living trash disposal, and we never use it; maybe its time we start.

Happy Weekend!


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