What about those other grocery bags?

I went to the market yesterday.  To save money, I actually buy all my produce and milk in a separate store from where I get my other groceries.  This market happens to give me five cents back for every “used” bag I bring in.  This is great as long as I remember the bags, and I must say that I haven’t forgotten them in weeks.  The new trouble is that without the plastic groceries bags clogging up my house, trash, ect, I have noticed a new evil plastic bag from the store.  The one you place your various produce items into.  Those long, skinny, clear plastic bags.  They seem to be everywhere now.  I’m trying to think of a way to avoid them, replace them with something, but I’m not sure what.  Seems the bag must be clear, or see through – and they don’t make clear fabric, so if I made some bags, they’d be plastic.  So not I’m wondering about net bags.  I only have one lingerie bag, but it seems it would be perfect.  It’s easily seen through, and has a zipper to keep those tomatoes in place.  But since I only have one, I’d have to buy more just for grocery purposes, and that could hurt my wallet.  So for now I guess I will continue with the awful, but convenient plastic bag.  Maybe I can find a decent re purpose for them.



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3 responses to “What about those other grocery bags?

  1. good news. there actually are (commercially available) net produce bags. i don’t have any, but i’ve seen them. i only use those plastic produce bags for certain things: bulk, loose greens; bean sprouts… most produce i just throw in the cloth bags together. hasn’t hurt any of my apples yet to rub up against an onion or potato…

  2. I too have battled over this problem some, worse that some supermarkets only accept some items in “their” clear plastic bags. So since I have to take them I make sure not to knot/tie them so that I can easily bring them back and re-use them on my next trip.

    – a diligent fan, and unofficial fan club member, keep up the good work

  3. becks

    I don’t bother with the bags, I just put the produce in my cart, let the cashier ring it up with their dirty little hands, then wash it well.

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