Sugary sweet cupcakes… A menace to our Planet.

(Untaken Photo Goes Here. Guess I should’ve taken a picture of the cake, but the camera battery is dead, and I have been too busy – read lazy – to charge it.  Just something else I’m doing to save the environment!)

A friend had a birthday last Friday, so my son and I made her a birthday cake.  Because of the distance to her house, and the fact that she currently lives alone, I considered making cupcakes.  They are easier to transport, and easier to take to others when you don’t want to eat them anymore.  But ultimately, I settled on just making two cakes from the batter instead of cupcakes because of the environmental effects.  I’m sure you’ve never thought about it, I hadn’t either to be honest, but cupcakes use those neat little paper cups, and a standard batter would need 24 of them.  Thats money and waste I don’t need.  When you make a cake, you don’t need any paper cups – though I still use parchment paper for the bottom.  You also need less icing for a cake.  Seems sacrilegious to skimp on frosting, but you really aren’t.  Cupcakes are generally 2/3 cake, 1/3 frosting.  Delicious, yes, but very wasteful – and remember that diet issue I mentioned a few posts back?  Not so good for that either.

So the next time you make a cake, consider your Earth.  Make a cake, not a cupcake; it will still be amazingly tasty, and you won’t have all those paper liners to pull at your conscience.


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