Fun Friday Quikie

All week I have talked about lessening our consumption to save money and the planet.  Here a few more ideas to help…

  1. Hitch hike.  Not only will you save money, gas, emissions, ect, but you may also make a new friend, and if we all get together, how happy we would be.
  2. Dumpster-dive for at least one meal a week.  You’d be saving money, time, and space in your local landfill.
  3. Watch TV at a friend’s house.  They’re going to be watching it anyway, so why not share.  And if you hitch hike, you’d be consuming even less.  Better take some of that Dumpster take-out with you – you wouldn’t want to show up empty handed.
  4. Trade clothes with a friend.  You’d both be getting all-new outfits for free, and who doesn’t like free.  You could even do this during commercials when you go over to watch TV.
  5. Cut down on showers.  If you only take one shower a week, then you’d be using 1/7 of the energy you spend in a normal week.  Think how low your water and energy bills will be!  Make that one shower a cold one, and you can save even more!  I’m not sure what’s more invigorating – the cold water, or the cold-hard cash in my wallet.  Cha-Ching!

Happy Weekend



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3 responses to “Fun Friday Quikie

  1. donna

    Love this list. Go, Recessionista, go!

  2. namhenderson

    I am assuming you don’t actually dumpster dive for food do you?

    I know people who have and are into the whole freegan thing but i couldn’t ever get over the whole yuck factor..

    Maybe if i could sign up for a dumpster-dived food co-op and it was all cleaned up and “processed” by time i get it.

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