Reems of Paper….Reems..

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to post today.  I’ve got lots of ideas for next week – and I probably should write them down – but those are time sensitive for one reason or another.  So I’m posting on something that a friend of mine does, and isn’t a bad idea for wallets or planets.

She saves ALL her printed paper to be used again, and I do mean all.  The woman has stacks, and boxes, and closets full of the stuff.  She prints one side, and then puts it into a pile to be used again.  I used to find it annoying; the things I print are special and deserve a clean sheet devoid of random info seeping through the backside.  But maybe she’s on to something.  I don’t print nearly as much as she does.  Based on her “scrap” stacks, she must print nearly a reem a week while I’m lucky to go through that in a year or two.  Really.  And just think of the money and landfill space she’s saving!  By reprinting on the paper, she’s cutting out half of her paper trash.  I wonder if she’s thought to include the letter size papers that come in the mail as well.  I give those to my son for sketching on; now he goes through some paper, but he also is in the habit of using both sides, and every space available.

So is reprinting a good idea.  Why not?  I wouldn’t suggest you use it for that resume you want to send out, or any court documents, but basic everyday needs it seems a smart way to save the planet and your wallet.  And if you recycle all that two-sided paper after, you’ll save even more of the planet.



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2 responses to “Reems of Paper….Reems..

  1. I do this as well… but I turn the one side printed sheets into notepads that I use extensively and nearly exclusively (minus the ever handy architect’s sketchbook)

  2. You could bind these and use them as your architect’s sketchbook. Sure, paper weight and tooth might suck, but it’d be an interesting snapshot in time – a collage of sorts.

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