Trying to Cut Out a Major Expense…and Save a Landfill

I’m potty-training.  Well, I am not in training, but I am attempting to train my two-year old.  He’s not quite two, and I know that’s a bit young, but he was interested in process, and I am, well, interested in saving the cash.  Anyone who has had, or has a toddler knows that the biggest expense is diapers, and anyone who has ever weighed whether to go with disposable or cloth knows that diapers comprise nearly 2% of the TOTAL waste in the U.S, and as much as we hope, they don’t degrade for decades – if ever.  We went with disposable because I was working at the time, and day-cares don’t look too kindly at the cloth-clad bottom.  So what are we doing now?  I let him go pantless.  Really.  It’s pretty cold still, so I keep his socks and shirt on him, but nothing else.  It was a bit rough at first, but nothing a towel couldn’t take care of.  Now, he’s up to stopping mid-play and running to the potty.  He even knows to go when he has to, well, you know.  It’s been great; he’s learning independence, I don’t have to change him, and we aren’t going through the pampers so quickly.  It’s heaven.  Most of the time.  We still have a mess every now and then, but a little mess here is worth the diaper mountain I’m no longer building in my local landfill,and the mountain of cash I am building in my wallet.


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  1. namhenderson

    um wow. I use to love running diaperless when i was a child. Maybe my mom should have just gone with it..

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