A Fun Friday Quickie

Since I won’t be here over the weekend, I thought I’d leave you with some quick, fun, and free ways to stay warm while this “frigid blast” lingers on.

  1. Wear lots of layers.  Find those leg-warmers you boxed away in 1992 – its not fair to them to keep them hidden from sight.  What did they ever do to you?
  2. Drink warm teas, coffees, mulled wine, buttered rum?  Anything warm going in is sure to warm you from the inside out.  And really, if its got alcohol, then you’ve got an added effect!
  3. Exercise.  Yet another reason to unpack those leg-warmers.  If you start the exercises while still in all your layers from #1, I am sure you’ll be down to skivvies in no time.  Well, you might keep those leg warmers on.
  4. Hang out with friends.  Everyone knows that if you’re stranded in a car in a snowbank, you take all your clothes of and huddle with your fellow passengers for warmth.  What did TV teach us back then, if not how to survive when faced with frozen death.
  5. And lastly, do the Hokey-Pokey, or any other action sort of indoor game.  My son’s personal favorite is Hide – Seek.  Problem is he only counts to two before he comes to look for you.  Means you have to run VERY quickly…which pumps up your heart-rate faster, and warms you up all that much more efficiently.

Happy Weekend!


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